To my left
Erotic stories
To my right
A naked woman
In front of me
A poem with illustration.”
Hip-Hopping through life, one beat at a time

you could never be a poet

unless you enjoy

the bright lights

attention from the

who’s who’s

or being treated like a Queen




on the other hand

could be a poet

unnoticed all my life

all the while

-with hat in hand

will walk amongst dusty streets

across the earth

-flea markets in South Texas

concert halls in Los Angeles

and behind cascading

waterfalls in Hawaii

No one will bother me

-notice me

or smile at me

-listening to my thoughts

watching as my

eight-legged friend

spins his trap

You could never be a poet

before a word leaves

your perfect lips

the masses will be ripping your clothes


Leave it to me

to write poems

-for the unknown


-and forgotten

you stay as you are


-breath taking

-as my inspiration

let me get a bit

of sunshine

-shadowless glory

-let me try for



just maybe

someone will ask me for

a light…


Not By Choice

before your choice

takes his life

- his opportunities

-his ability to run against the wind

before your choice

stops his little heart

from breathing

-eating candy

-singing and dancing

and asking questions

before you lay

on that steel bed

let me

enter your womb

and cuddle with him

let me share embryonic

fluids and chat with

him in dim waters

let me see

his smile

tiny fingers and toes

let me cradle him

and sing him a Lullabye

written with the blood

of your intestines

and cold heart

let me whisper

I love you

and tickle him

while I touch his

bald little head

before you open your legs

and let the murder weapon

enter by permission

let me wrap the umbilical cord

around my neck

and hang

from your useless


as I watch my

baby boy

cry loudly

"Mommy, is that you?



I need you so bad my love.

Santa Clizzause!

Santa Clizzause!

“blood - type ink”
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